quinta-feira, 1 de outubro de 2009

Today we fight...

God bless my sword,
to slash the enemy flesh...

God protect my armor,
from the enemy fury...
God make my shield harder,
to resist the clash of enemy steel!

God give strength to my arms and legs,
so I can be faster and my survive to this field.

And please my god, protect my heart,
don't let the enemies take my treasure,
don't let the enemies take what belongs to my beloved one...

Cause today I fight for me,
for my Land, for my King,
and for my princess!

"Jaguar One, you are cleared to taxi on runway Lynx."

"Roger tower Shield."

"Move quick to take off, situation is critical, enemies approaching from the north, heading for the capital"

"Jaguar one going hot, see you later tower Shield"

"Jaguar one, this is tower Shield, you are authorized to engage enemy aircraft and intercept, weapons are free, I repeat, you are weapons free!"

"Roger that tower Shield, I got the bad guys on my radar, 20 seconds to be in range for fire, any other recomendation"

"Just let they burn in hell Jaguar leader!"

"Jaguar One to fox three!"


"Jaguar leader, this is tower Shield, enemy aircraft has been destroyed, all other enemies are retreating, good job Shooter-shot!"

"Thanks tower shield, always a pleasure to kick bolivarian asses! Are you going to pay my beer?"

"No pilsen today champ, I'm buying only lager..."

"Oh man... I only want it cold, no matter the kind! Hail to the country!"

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