domingo, 13 de setembro de 2009

It's showtime!

After been airborne, with the power of a catapult, the mission is the goal.

No matter how, no matter when or in wich conditions, the "bingo", the "bullseye" shot, they are the important things right now.

In the part before starting the mission we maybe enjoy the flight, the air, the machine, the clouds and the sun light or maybe the moon light, but right after... When the mission starts, the pleasure is left behind and spirit of the fighter enters in action.

There is a mission to accomplish, objectives to achieve, and maybe even enemies to destroy... So then it's the showtime, the moment to show the claws and say a word of desperation to the enemies.

"Show no mercy"

When the mission starts it becomes the final proof that all the conversation was useless, all the diplomacy failed, and then the military are on their run to keep the freedom and security to the world.

For that, the military will use their own method of diplomacy, and for that, the following announcement says everything in one image:
For me...
For now...
I'll use this tons of diplomacy...

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