terça-feira, 22 de setembro de 2009

These people...

Brazilian Minister of Defense: Nelson Jobim
Brazilian President of the Republic: Luís Inácio Lula da Silva
Brazilian Air Force Commandant: Lieutenant Brigadier of the Sky Juniti Saito
Brazilian Navy Commandant: Admiral of Fleet Júlio Soares

These people sometimes make me happy, and other times make me insane!

Well, just like I said before the F-X2 program is not a priority for the media, the brazilian press decided today to give a minimal attention to the Ministry of Defense decision to extend deadline for submission of final proposals of the bidders for the F-X2 program.

Now the deadline is on October 2th, and so close to the decision of the capital city for the 2016 Olympic Games... And the god dammit hell Rio de Janeiro is on the competition...
Again the brazilian press will not give the right attention for this important decision for the future of the entire country!

Better take a look in football matches and what can change the future of Rio... or even better... What can provide an enormous quantity of money to be spent in all the process for the Olympic Games in Rio!

Viva samba! Viva Zona! Viva Brasil!

Sorry, but now I guess that the F-X2 program is reaching a very dangerous point... that can even kill all the progress and intentions...

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