domingo, 20 de setembro de 2009

C'est la vie!

Well let we enjoy the possibility of the moment and talk a little bit about France.

Ah glorious land! Of great wine, high gastronomy, beautiful women...
Also a land of heroes, and history, a land for sports and even for football, the beloved sport to brazilian people...

France is a like and paradise for many people, due to its incredible contribution to mankind history, specially in the social sciences... Great thinkers of the human race were born in France, and they did an enormous contribution to the mankind society evolution.

Of course that we still have many things to learn, and to live...

French people is represents a wonderful example of overcoming and capacity to built up a civilization after a terrible chaos.
France has been plagued by many conflicts, both internal and external, but the have survived, and after the chaos the people have always joined hands to rebuilt the country and even the conscience of what is been a french citizen

Unfortunately, France has a terrible history of failures and defeats in international conflicts in which they were involved.

France lost the One Hundred Years war to Britain, the also lost the Napoleon wars, and they lost to Germany the first part of the First World War, and in the Second World War, again the France lost the battles against Germany.

For the glory of god, France is a great failure in military history right? Not exactly...

France managed to get back to the top, after every lost and the most important in the recent conflicts is the fact the France managed to be always in the winner side (except for Vietnam). And this means that they may not fight as winners, but they have good friends.

In politics France is widely respected due to its history (even with the failures), economic power and nuclear power.

The french way in the external politics gave to them the possibility of been an allied of the United States, but not an "soldier" for the U.S. causes.

France is independent and is usually a critical of the "American way to do the things".

And now the frenchs appears to be want us, brazilians, as partners and allieds...
Oh god?! What the hell is happening in the land of wine and breads...???

Anyway, the point is that perhaps we have a lot to learn with this extraordinary people, that even losing almost every conflict in which they get in, they are still "rulers of the world"...

Vive la France!

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