sexta-feira, 25 de setembro de 2009

The wingman!

The very great importance of the wingman...

There may be no word to describe the true value of a good wingman during a flight.

This man, or mans, can be de difference between life and death, they can change the winds of the battle, they can give you a chance to be precise or they can ruin everything.

Usually the military pilots are extremely well trained and prepared for most of the possible situations of a battlefield, but there is always the possibility to occur the "impossible", that moment when we all may think: "SHIT!"

In the extreme moments, in the limit situations, the star of a good pilot may rise, and surely the sucess will depend on a good wingman. The task of been supporting the leader, watching his back is no easy duty.

The wingman maybe forced to take decisions in order to protect the mission or the companion putting in danger his own life. So been an wingman is no easy work.

In our life we may have some "wingmans" and not even percieve... But they are always there, event o take the hard choice in order to protect you.

I use to say about and very good friend that "He is my Lancelot, but I was never his Arthur!", and that maybe the meaning of a good wingman.

We all have one or two or many! The real matter is to now how important this wingman or wingmans are...
Have a nice flying weekend!

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